Make an Egg Shell Chia Pet

Make an Egg Shell Chia Pet

Make an Egg Shell Chia Pet

Spring is a great time to start gardening, but it doesn’t always have to be outdoors! Whether you don’t have an outdoor space of your own or are simply new to using your “green thumb”, this is a fun small activity to bring some green into your home and get some dirt under your fingernails.

It also teaches us how we can use the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Before tossing items into the trash after a single use, think about what other purpose it could serve. For this activity, we turn egg shells into mini planters and give the carton a second life, too.

Follow the instructions below and try your hand at planting your own homemade chia pet. This is a great little activity you can do at home with the whole family, or to be honest, it’s a lot of fun for adults too. All you need is some potting soil, eggshells, egg carton, marker, scissors, and some grass or chia seeds.

1. Start with gathering all of your materials. Make sure you give your egg shells a good rinse and let them fully dry before getting started.

2. Cut your egg carton in half so there are only six spots. Then trim down the edges and the centers so the rims of the carton are not quite as high. You will need fairly sharp scissors for this, so this task is best left for adults.

3. Take your marker and design your eggshell! Maybe make one for everyone in the household, or your favorite movie character…be creative!

4. Next, add in your potting soil, filling about ¾ of the way to the top. If you don’t have any potting soil, head to the backyard and dig up a small grass spot. Just be sure to sift out any grass materials, rocks, or stones. Once your soil is in, press down gently to pack it in.

5. Now that your egg shells are full, add in your seed. Here we’re using grass seed, but you can also use chia or another seed you have on hand. Don’t be shy, really layer it in there and then lightly press down with a finger.

6. Now cover up the seed with some more soil, almost to the brim! Then again, pack lightly with a finger.

7. You’re all done! Water with spray mist bottle or a dropper and put in a sunny spot. You should see the ‘hair’ start to grow in just a few days or so!


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