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June is National Dairy Month!  New members support our Organic Dairy Farmer Training Program, which is preparing our apprentices to become valuable members of the organic dairy industry.  The two-year residential program launched in partnership with Stonyfield, and is the first-of-its kind program in the nation.  By becoming a member, you are helping to train the next generation of dairy farmers…and you’ll receive some new farm perks, too!

Become a member (or renew your membership) in June to get a dozen pasture-raised eggs on us!

All new members will receive a voucher for one carton of eggs in the mail.

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Become a member today and support the important work we are doing year-round to provide place-based education, farmer training, and immersive experiences for people of all ages. We believe in the power of this place to educate, inspire, connect, and make a lasting impact on every person who comes here.

Your membership makes this vision a reality through the development of programs aimed to give visitors a deeper understanding of where our food comes from and using our fields to find ways for agriculture to be a solution to climate change.