Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment is on a mission to transform our relationship with farming and food for a healthier planet.

Field Notes 2021: The Community Issue

Wolfe’s Neck Center is part of many communities: the greater Freeport community, farmers, restaurant partners, neighbors, donors, scientists and researchers, climate advocates, nature lovers, young students, and life-long learners. Throughout the pandemic, not only have we as an organization leaned on our communities, we have encouraged those around us to use Wolfe’s Neck Center as a place of respite, fresh air, and inspiration; a space where individuals, families, and friends could safely meet for a walk, a snowshoe, a kayak trip; a destination for anyone looking to reconnect with the outdoors and animals.


This issue of Field Notes pays tribute to you – no matter how you fit into our community. 

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