Transforming our relationship with farming and food for a healthier planet


A sustainable coastal farm for nearly sixty years, Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment is a one-of-kind place on the coast of Maine that connects farmers, eaters, and learners to the land and animals at the core of our food systems.  Wolfe’s Neck is home to an oceanfront campground, leading demonstration farm, and educational resource center for innovative practices in regenerative agriculture and natural resources.

Our new name represents our physical location and the breadth of our mission and ambition. It tells our community and the world that we are more than a farm; we are a hub for agricultural activity and education on the coast of Maine. Our name represents our concern for and involvement in farming innovation, food access, food systems, sustainable practices, climate, geography, and the physical environment—and beyond the local to regional, national, and global. It encompasses not just the fields and barns of the farm, but the educational facilities, the trails, ocean, woods, and coastline that make up this unique place.






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TransFARMation: A Look at the Future of Wolfe’s Neck Center

Wolfe’s Neck Center is transforming into a leading center for sustainable food and farming: training the next generation of organic farmers, educating people about sustainable agriculture, and inspiring everyone to take an active role in our food system.  New and repurposed infrastructure and a thoughtfully-designed landscape will provide a greatly-improved setting for experiential educational programs and authentic farm-based experiences.