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Your gift will strengthen our efforts to create a stronger food system.  Together, we will ensure that fewer kids will go hungry, more farmers will have the training and support they need to be viable, and that we will all be able to feed our families with healthy food grown here in Maine.

Business Partners

We are grateful for all of the businesses who have invested in the future of food and farming by supporting Wolfe’s Neck Center, and whose marketing partnership connects them with the tens of thousands of visitors who come to the farm each year.

The Judy Higbea Scholarship Fund

There is no one who loved the sound of happy children at the farm more than longtime farm volunteer Judy Higbea, and the legacy she left behind lives on.  When Judy passed away in 2015, we started a farm camp scholarship in her honor, providing need-based financial support for kids to come to camp.


We could not accomplish all that we do without the ongoing support of our volunteers. From working during our events to helping our fruit and vegetable production crew in the field, there are many ways to get involved.

We’ve heard a lot about your mission and work since we moved to Portland (now South Portland) two years ago, but have yet to visit! We plan to come visit for the first time as soon as possible in 2020. We were inspired to donate after reading about your Cows for Climate Change Research project. We’re also interested in volunteering for that project and around the farm in 2020.

– 2019 Donor

My kids have enjoyed Wolfe’s Neck vacation and summer camps for a few years running now, and we are just so impressed at the quality of the programs and education provided! They truly love every minute of their time at the farm – from the tractor wagon rides down to the shore, to getting to know the chickens, calves, goats, and farm cats, to trying new foods, and even to shoveling poop in the barn during chore time! We look forward to being connected with your organization for years to come. Thank you for your positive impact on our family, this beautiful coastal region, and the earth.

– 2019 Donor

Love your mission, love your beautiful location, love learning from you, love the opportunities it gives us with our grandchildren.

– 2019 Donor

I support Wolfe’s Neck Center because it is a local group nurturing the love of our Earth for children, as well as being active participants in figuring out ways to combat climate change. I also appreciate being able to visit the farm, walk the trails and enjoy the beauty it offers. Thank you.

– 2019 Donor

Wolfe’s Neck gives SO much to the education and understanding of food and it’s source to young and old. I wish I could visit more often. Thank you very much.

– 2019 Donor

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