School Programs

Bring academic content to life

through hands-on engagement in our 626-acre outdoor classroom that includes our livestock barns, fruit and vegetable plots, pastures, year-round greenhouses, forests, educational gardens, and rocky shoreline. Programs change with the season and what’s happening on the farm.

Local Ecology

Explore the interconnected communities and relationships within the diverse ecosystems across our farm.


Investigate the multidisciplinary intersections that shape our contemporary food systems.

Agricultural Sciences

Examine the integration of biology, physical science, economics, and social sciences that coalesce in the study of agriculture.

Field Trips

Field Trips are ½ day programs that introduce youth to farming and connect to one to two concepts.

Additional Field Trip Information:

Program fees for field trips are $7 per student ($8 per student for Pumpkin Science).

School staff are free, while chaperones cost $3 each (due the day of the field trip).

Small groups are welcome. However, in order to cover the costs of running the program, there is a minimum $100 fee.


Livestock Life Cycles & Livelihoods  – Our livestock are an important part of the farm’s ecology. Come learn about their unique adaptations and the role they play in your life.

How Does Your Garden Grow?   – How do farmers nurture plants so they can nurture us? Dig in to the amazing world of horticulture!

Crops to Tabletops  – In this exploration of food systems, you’ll delve into the journey food often takes in order to get to our tables.



Maine’s Rocky Shore  – Investigate the organisms adapted to the ever-changing conditions within our tide pools and along our rocky coast.

Pumpkin Science (fall only – $8/student)  – Take a wagon ride to our pumpkin patch to explore plant biology, including germination, pollination, and plant parts and their functions. Each student picks their own pumpkin to bring home (included).

Farm School

Farm School is a chance for classes to take the learning outside and onto the Farm. Explore life on the farm as we learn about where our food comes from, gardening, animal care, watersheds, soils, waste, and more!

Younger students focus on caring for plants and animals. Older students participate in our “Food for Thought” curriculum that examines issues like local and sustainable food systems and undertakes major building projects here on the Farm.




All of our Farm School programs emphasize the importance of students doing meaningful work on the Farm. Students do morning chores, muck stalls, work in the garden beds, and more! Students also participate in journaling exercises, animal time, science experiments, and a whole range of hands-on activities as they learn and grow here at the Farm. Farm School lasts between two and five days, depending on your group’s goals and needs.

Program fees for Farm School are $19.50 per student per day.

Scheduling Your School Program

Please contact us with any questions or to schedule your Field Trip by emailing or by calling
(207) 865-4469 x106.

Please be ready to provide:

  • Contact information for school and trip organizer
  • Dates and times you are interested in visiting
  • Age group and any curricular priorities
  • Anticipated number of students, staff, and classrooms
  • If you are planning to bring a picnic or snack
  • The program you’re interested in (Field Trips) or your Area of Study (Farm School)

While most of our programs are geared toward PreK-6th grade, we may be able to build a program to meet your needs. Please get in touch if you’re looking for middle school, high school, or college programming.

You’re welcome to bring a picnic lunch or snack for before or after your program. Please let us know if you plan to do eat here when scheduling your trip, so we can ensure the space is available.