School Programs

Bring academic content to life

through hands-on engagement in our 626-acre outdoor classroom that includes our livestock barns, fruit and vegetable plots, pastures, year-round greenhouses, forests, educational gardens, and rocky shoreline. Programs change with the season and what’s happening on the farm.

Local Ecology

Explore the interconnected communities and relationships within the diverse ecosystems across our farm.


Investigate the multidisciplinary intersections that shape our contemporary food systems.

Agricultural Sciences

Examine the integration of biology, physical science, economics, and social sciences that coalesce in the study of agriculture.

Our School Programs have brought thousands of youth to the farm to learn about farming and food through hands-on engagement with a working farm. We’re in the midst of some big and exciting changes at the farm—you may have noticed our new name, new logo, new mission, and new programming. As we continue to grow and evolve, we’re taking the time to evaluate our various programs and how we can best connect more people to our work and mission. While our Field Trips have been meaningful educational experiences for many school children, we’ve been hearing from teachers how it’s harder to find the time and funding to get a group to the farm for these experiences. Given all of this, we’re taking a step back from Field Trips in 2018. As you can imagine, this was a tough decision. However, it allows us to extensively evaluate our various programs, so we can update our curricula and adjust our programming to better meet the changing needs of teachers and students.

If you have a group you’d like to bring to the farm, you can learn more about our custom group offerings here, or fill out our Group Experiences Form, and we’ll work with you to craft your group visit.

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