Explore the work we are doing, told through the stories of the people who make up the Wolfe's Neck community.
Cheers to a Vibrant Growing Season
When you think back through what you accomplished in the past year, how your life may have changed or how you may have changed, it gives you an idea of what you want for yourself in the new year. January is all about this time of reflection and setting intentions for the months ahead.
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Introducing Our New Dairy Facility
After years of planning and connecting with experts in the industry, Wolfe’s Neck Center has undergone the construction of an entirely new dairy facility to address the priorities of a first-of-its-kind organic dairy program.
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Meet an Apprentice: Tierney Lawlor
A photographer, basketball player, and sheep shearer — these are just some of the many talents that our apprentices have outside of learning to become dairy farmers. Tierney is one of the most recent apprentices to join our team, and she is no exception in bringing a unique mix of talents to the dedicated team. We sat down with her to learn a bit more about her background and what brought her to Wolfe's Neck Center. 
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Early Morning Reality for Our Dairy Apprentices (VIDEO)
How does milk from our organic dairy herd go from the farm to becoming Stonyfield yogurt? It all starts with twice-daily milkings! Follow along as our apprentices head to the barn for early morning milking and farm chores, all to get the dairy products you know and love onto grocery store shelves.
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When You Go Grocery Shopping, You Can Make a Difference!
Sometimes being "green" can mean a big lifestyle change or seem unfeasible. Putting solar panels on your home's roof, for instance, may be a stretch. But others are as easy as making a simple choice when you buy your food.
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Jammin’ at Wolfe’s Neck Center (VIDEO)
What do you get when you put a farmer and a couple of farmers-in-training in a vegetable field for the summer? Thousands of pounds of fresh produce, that’s what! While peak growing season has come to a close, our venture into value-added products has extended the shelf life of some seasonal favorites like strawberries and raspberries.
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Dress Like a Farmer for Halloween
Have you picked out your Halloween costume yet? Stand out in a sea of trick-or-treating unicorns, pirates, and witches — we'll show you how to dress up as farmer! 
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Tweetie’s Day at the Spa
Every morning, the dairy herd reports for duty and lines up for milking. Then it's out to the pasture for grazing before one more milking in the evening. And these ladies are on their A-game; production, nutritional components, and milk quality are looking great. It was due time for some special treatment, a chance for them to kick up their feet and partake in a little TLC. It was time for a cow spa day!  
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Why You Should Have Backyard Chickens
Meet our farmer Haden to learn about the joy of having your own chickens and get excited for his upcoming workshop Backyard Chicken Basics on Saturday, October 13th.
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Smells Like Fall: A Story of Tried & True Garlic
By Tom Prohl, Fruit & Vegetable Production Manager While fall is synonymous with root vegetables, soups, and roasts, one product you’ll see in the Farm Store at this time of the year is the tried and true garlic bulb. Check out this story from Farmer Tom on how rooted this crop is to our land: It … <a href="">Continued</a>
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