Explore the work we are doing, told through the stories of the people who make up the Wolfe's Neck community.
Thank You From Our Farmers
We asked our community to help us reach our $75,000 goal for the Farm Discovery Gardens. Anyone who gave $10 or more throughout the week would receive a special "Thank You!" from our farmers! Take a look at the results...
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5 things you may not know about the Art Auction
If you are attending our 2nd annual Farm to Easel Art Auction on September 23rd, expect it to be unlike any of our other events at Wolfe's Neck Center.  To give you a sense of what you can expect, we've outlined five things you may not know about the auction. Read on for a "tasting" of what will make this year's event so different from the other dinners in our Farm to Table series. 
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A Reflection on Cooking & Eating: More than what’s on your plate
Harraseeket Inn Head Chef Troy Mains is at the forefront of wowing his diners with unique twists on their favorite classics. Just named 2018 Maine Chef of the Year by the Maine Restaurant Association, Mains uses his honed skills and range of career-developing experiences to confidently produce quality food in his restaurants.
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LearningWorks Grows & Harvests at Wolfe’s Neck Center
One group that has been spending time in the production plot this summer is LearningWorks. The Portland-based organization offers innovative programs for teens and young adults to realize their potential through educational offerings.
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From Law to the Land
New York, New York. The bright city lights, endless bustle of activity, and bursting opportunities for professional growth drew Sarah in immediately. Now, fifteen years later, it’s what pushed her away. The real estate attorney with her own business decided to hang up her hat and make a lifechanging switch, following a draw for dirty hands and fresh air.
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Bureau Turned Brooder
Every week at Farm Camp has its own flair and a unique set of projects on board for the campers. This week's task? Keep an old bureau from finding its way into the dumpster, and transform it into a chicken brooder! Katie, our livestock educator, led a group of campers ages 11-14 on this renovation project.
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A Welcome Visit from OceanView
Wolfe's Neck Center is settled just to the north of the OceanView living community, and made for a perfect destination as part of their scheduled trip programs. We welcomed a group of thirty or so on a beautiful, sunny summer morning at the farm.
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Regenerative Agriculture at Wolfe’s Neck Center and Beyond
What is regenerative agriculture? At its most basic, regenerative agriculture refers to an approach to farming and food production that is based on ecological principles and living systems.
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Meet Dairy Apprentice Haden
Farming might be touted as full of hard work, but apprentice Haden brings fun and antics into the field, too. With southern charm from his Virginia roots, not to mention an eye for snapping artistic photos of the grazing dairy herd, Haden's role in the Wolfe's Neck Center Organic Dairy Program is standout to say the least.
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Greenhouse Move with Educators (VIDEO)
It takes some serious teamwork to move our mobile high tunnel greenhouse. The farmers planned to move it over a new plot of crops on the same day that our Farm Camp educators started their staff training. We thought there would be no better way to get know know each other than by using this as a teambuilding exercise! 
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