Explore the work we are doing, told through the stories of the people who make up the Wolfe's Neck community.
A Farmer’s Story: The Poetic Nature of Agriculture
This post was written by Ben Gotschall, our Dairy Manager. ~~ Recently a potential apprentice candidate contacted me about Wolfe’s Neck’s dairy farmer training program. A college student majoring in English with an emphasis on Creative Writing, she will graduate soon and is looking for something to do next.   “I was so excited to see…
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Healthier Farms, Healthier Planet
Bringing together people to discuss progress, innovation, and education is one of the many ways that Wolfe’s Neck Center seeks to make agriculture a solution to climate change. In 2022, we had the distinct honor of facilitating and hosting several educational opportunities for food system leaders and land stewards.   No Till Event  In July, we…
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A Warm Welcome to the Cool Weather
As the fall colors start to fade and the leaves fall, our campground hosts its last campers of the season, the Farm Café and Farm Store close their doors, and the animals come off the pastures. But that doesn’t mean it’s still not a great time to come visit! The shoulder seasons are some of…
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A Farmer’s Look Back on the Summer Season
Thomas Prohl, our Farm Operations and Systems Manager has taken a moment to reflect on what this summer has meant to our Fruit and Vegetable and Livestock Operations and Wolfe’s Neck Center as a whole. ~~ Another summer is slowly fading into fall here on the farm. Cold dew wets our boots each morning as…
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A Glimpse into the 2022 Art Auction
With the Farm to Easel Invitational Art Auction just around the corner, we are blown away by the diversity of talent in the Wolfe’s Neck Center community. There has been an outpouring of artists that have chosen to participate in this fundraising event to support our mission of transforming our relationship with farming and food…
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What’s Growing on with the Apprentices
We are thrilled to welcome the Fruit & Vegetable Apprentices to the blog this month! They have been with us since mid-May, tending to our organic, no-till production plots in West Bay and in the greenhouses. Our Fruit & Vegetable Apprentices come from all over the country, and learn the ins and outs of organic,…
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What’s Community Got To Do With It: Building Farmer Networks for Soil Health
Hello! My name is Alex Gulachenski, and I am Wolfe’s Neck Center’s Farm Networks Coordinator. I am a recent addition to the Wolfe’s Neck Center staff, and I am excited to tell you all about the important work we are doing with Farmer Networks! As an ecologist by training, I view agriculture from a systems and…
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Odysseus’s Sea: Natural Wine’s Potential Impact on the Future of Food
This is a guest post from Ned Swain, owner and operator of Devenish Wines. Devenish Wines is a small, dedicated distributor of fine wines in the Greater Portland area. Devenish believes that wines should taste like where they come from –wines that in some way embody the unique climate and environment from which their grapes…
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Good Dirt: Soil Carbon Sequestration at Wolfe’s Neck Center
Wolfe’s Neck Center (WNC) is seeking to transform our relationship with food and farming for a healthier planet. To help achieve this, WNC is researching soil carbon sequestration as a way to reduce agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions and impact on our planet. Read on to learn more about soil carbon sequestration at WNC.  Carbon sequestration…
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Training Future Food Systems Leaders in 2021
As the growing season winds down at Wolfe's Neck Center, we asked the apprentices in our Fruit and Vegetable Production Farmer Training Program to reflect on their experiences here. This six month, on-farm training program covers all aspects of organic fruit and vegetable crop production with a focus on regenerative agriculture techniques and includes classroom time and site visits to other farms. Educating and inspiring the next generation of leaders to shape our local and global food system is at the heart of our mission, and this year's crew is leaving here with renewed commitment, hands on experience and a passion for agriculture.
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