Explore the work we are doing, told through the stories of the people who make up the Wolfe's Neck community.
My Farming Journey: From Teen Ag to Oxen
Katie Josephs was a member of our Teen Ag crew in 2014, and her interest in farming only continued after a summer at Wolfe's Neck. Learn more about Katie and how she got started working with oxen and steers.
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Wolfe’s Neck Center Announces Second-Year Impact of 2017 Harvard Pilgrim Healthy Food Fund Grant
Wolfe's Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment increased amount of healthy, local produce distributed to low-income families by 57%; amount of produce sold increased 16%
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Why is There an Orchard Here?
Be on the lookout for our young orchards on your next visit to the farm. Over the past 3 years we have been diversifying our production by planting fruit trees. We have two orchards on our property: one by the Banter House on the corner of Burnett and Wolfes Neck Road, and the other along our vegetable field. We've committed to developing these spaces for a number of reasons that will benefit visitors, our farm, and the environment. 
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It’s All in the Timing…and the Seed
Earlier in the week, the farmers hemmed and hawed over the best time to do a frost seeding. Farms typically plan a frost seeding in late February or early March – when the ground thaws and freezes enough to open cracks in the soil – as a way to improve forage on pastures without tilling the soil. By broadcasting the seeds at this time, they'll naturally be incorporated into the soil through movement caused by the temperature fluctuations.  
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Farmers in Lawn Chairs: The Realities of Dairy Farming (video)
When Lauren and Kelly filled in for a dairy farmer who was at Navy training, they realized it wasn't all milk and cookies. Hear what they have to say about the realities of dairy farming...
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Research Director, Dorn Cox, Receives Bennett Award
Wolfe's Neck Center's Research Director, Dorn Cox, has been named the inaugural recipient of the Hugh Hammond Bennett Excellence in Conservation Award by the National Association of Conversation Districts’ (NACD) at their annual meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. 
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Your Winter Visit
Whether or not you've been to Wolfe's Neck Center before, the changing seasons bring new life to the farm. Here's what you can expect on your winter visit.
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Grow Your Skills, Be a Junior Counselor
Abby Fortune is a junior at Freeport High School and one of the many teens who have taken part in our Junior Counselors program. We sat down with Abby to learn more about what she took away from her time as a JC.
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Heifers Find a New Home on the Farm
As of early December, the cows have one of the best views on the Wolfe’s Neck property. A recent renovation of the historic Pote Barn on Wolfe’s Neck Road turned it from a dilapidated underused space, to the new home of our herd of heifers.
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Preserving the Past to Serve the Present: The Pote House Barn
A historic barn on a seaside hilltop at Wolfe’s Neck Farm has been brought back to life.
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