Explore the work we are doing, told through the stories of the people who make up the Wolfe's Neck community.
Spring Pasture Walk (VIDEO)
Dairy & Livestock Manager Brian takes a walk out to pasture with us to explain what we look for before letting the cows out to pasture for the season.
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Common Traits of Small Farms in Maine
Joe Grady of WNC and Two Coves Farm gives us a closer look at the traits of a modern day small farmer, and how building connections can push the knowledge and appreciation for the value of small, local farms to new levels.
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Discovery of a Home Builder
A renovation project has brought back the poise of a longstanding home on Wolfe's Neck, one that has been here since the mid-nineteenth century, and even exposed some clues of its past along the way. When discarding old siding along an upper window, the construction crew came across a rare find: the initials "W.L." dated June 23, 1845, providing new clues around the mystery of the original homebuilder.
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Calf Housing
We are continually looking for ways to improve the health and quality of life for our animals here on our farm. One of the areas we have recently addressed is how to best raise our calves. Our dairy manager Brian tells us about the recent upgrades we've made to our calf housing.
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Your Winter Visit
We’re having an atypically long February with it being a leap year, and for us that means more time to spend winter at Wolfe’s Neck Center! It’s the perfect time to get outside, get active, and make the most of the peace and quiet of the season. Gear up for your farm visit with layers to keep you warm and an idea of what to expect when you arrive.
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What’s In a CSA?
What does a CSA include? Aside from a weekly share of produce from June to October, here are seven other perks that come with it.
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20 Questions with Farmer Tom
It's a new year! While other people are meditatively reflecting about where the time has gone, we're wonderstruck by the numerical symmetry of "2020". To honor this marvel, we've asked 20 questions to one of our farmers. Meet Tom, our Fruit & Vegetable Production Manager and Educator. 
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Thank You for Your Support (VIDEOS)
Throughout the year, we rely on you, our supporters, to contribute to our work with a donation or as a member. This is especially true at the end of the year, and we thank you for those who made a gift to help us further connect people of all ages to farming and the source of their food.
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What Can We Do About It?
Climate change is not only a pressing issue, but it's also becoming more widely discussed in mainstream media as the urgency of its impact heightens. In fact, Oxford Dictionary named "climate emergency" its 2019 word of the year. With that in mind, we launched two major initiatives this year that could have national—even global—impact on reversing the effects of climate change.
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Seasonal Reminder of Why We Cover Crop
Last weekend’s 2 inches of rainfall was an excellent reminder of why we cover crop our fruit and vegetable fields through the winter. Heavy rainfall on open ground has the potential to create damaging erosion. That’s why in preparation for the winter, we plant cover crops on the plots with more highly erodible sloping soils.
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