Now, more than ever, the world needs places like Wolfe's Neck Center.

What we eat and how it is produced really matters.

Our diet is dominated by processed food and produce that travels from hundreds, or even thousands of miles away.  People, especially kids, are disconnected from the source of their food and the land that produces it.  Maine farmers are aging, most with no plan for their replacement, leaving farms at risk for development.  Climate change threatens the health of our planet, and jeopardizes our very ability to grow food.  At Wolfe's Neck Center, we are committed to creating solutions to alleviate these problems and create a healthier planet for our future generations. 



Our agricultural heritage gives Maine its special sense of place. At Wolfe’s Neck Center, we are training the next generation of organic farmers so that Maine can produce more of its own food for a better local economy and to preserve our state’s agricultural landscape. While they are here, farmers and apprentices learn the latest climate-smart practices. They intentionally care for the land so that we are building topsoil and sequestering carbon, keeping it from being released into our atmosphere. Our soil health research provides valuable information to help us and a growing network of farms monitor progress and use practices that limit greenhouse gas emissions.

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The crucial role food plays in supporting the health and vitality of individuals, communities, and the environment is fundamental to Wolfe’s Neck Center.  We strive to demonstrate, practice, and educate our community about where our food comes from, in order to make informed decisions around eating.  We know that sustainable, local food is the key to healthy communities, healthy people, and a healthy environment.  From contributing a portion of our harvest to local food pantries, to learning how to farm sustainably in our Teen Ag program, to stocking our Farm Store and Farm Cafe with freshly harvested produce, we are transforming the ways that people connect with their food, and finding new ways to feed our world.  



Wolfe’s Neck Center's educational programs use our unique landscape to bring people of all ages to the farm for hands-on learning experiences. Our educational programs are growing and currently include family programs, group programs, school vacation programs, summer farm camp, after-school programs, Teen Agriculture: Training Farmers, Feeding Mainers, and our Organic Dairy Research and Farmer Training Program.  We believe in the power of this place to educate, inspire, connect, and make a lasting impact on every person who comes here.