Farmer Networks

The future of regenerative agriculture is only possible with a connected and collaborative farmer community.

Farmer networks serve as vital connectors between food systems leaders who drive innovation in agriculture. Through these networks, Wolfe’s Neck Center is facilitating relationship building, information sharing and regenerative practice adoption amongst organizations, farmers, and agricultural service institutions. 

Current Networks

Maine Soil Health Network

The Maine Soil Health Network (MSHN) is a project launched through a collaboration between Wolfe’s Neck Center and Maine Farmland Trust (MFT) to share knowledge around soil health building practices on farms. Through the network farmers participate in the PASA Soil Health Benchmarking Study, which provides soil health monitoring and assessment and supports decision-making and management planning tools to improve soil health. The project also provides peer-to-peer learning workshops and training. There are currently 17 farms enrolled in the MSHN.

A farm tour inside a greenhouse

The New England Grazing Network

Wolfe’s Neck Center facilitates and convenes the New England Grazing Network (NEGN) project, which was founded on the concept that the six New England states could be powerful change makers if aligned around common measurements and a shared vision. ​​The Network shares the vision and goal of gathering and growing more regenerative grazing farms across the six New England States to address the challenges of adapting to climate change. Network partners offer education, on-farm technical assistance, events, and regional coordination for graziers. This combination of working locally and connecting regionally has helped bring recognition, resources, and programs from local areas to farms and partners across multiple states.

Chickens grazing in a field

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