Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management (OpenTEAM) is a community of farmers, ranchers, businesses and developers working to increase food system resiliency in the face of climate change.

Together, we are equipping food system leaders with shared knowledge, collaborative frameworks, and open-source, connected technologies to build climate change resiliency and thriving communities.


Farmers and ranchers all around the world are exploring ways to make their agricultural production more efficient and sustainable. With many different tools available and compliance standards to meet, there may be multiple ways to manage different aspects of their operation. These disconnected systems and data can limit farmers’ efficiency and impede decision-making. Through OpenTEAM, a project facilitated by Wolfe’s Neck Center, we are building a collaborative space where individuals and organizations from across the food system can connect to steward solutions together, co-creating tools that help producers and food systems thrive.

Farm staff doing ground inspection in a field

By creating a shared framework for community-driven solutions, OpenTEAM is developing a suite of agricultural technologies that work together to make data collection, sharing, and analysis the most accessible for farmers and ranchers while ensuring their data sovereignty. In using this framework, the OpenTEAM community creates shared goals, increases access to agricultural knowledge, and fosters farmer sovereignty in a traditionally competitive environment. This work is crucial in making regenerative agriculture a viable farming practice.

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Using these connected technologies, land stewards, such as farmers and agricultural service providers, can input data once to access a multitude of opportunities and benefits. Land stewards can also share secure access to their data with scientists who can expand their own datasets for climate change research, government agencies who can more easily certify organic operations, or even technical service providers who can share new data-driven insights to help land stewards implement regenerative farming practices.

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The OpenTEAM technology ecosystem will allow farmers to measure and track their farm management to improve their own practices and benefit the planet.

How OpenTEAM Works

Through OpenTEAM, we are expanding how those in agriculture collaborate and how different technologies communicate with one another, allowing for more data and knowledge to be shared across the industry. OpenTEAM is creating a collaborative community in a traditionally competitive atmosphere to improve connectivity among systems and adapt tools and soil health practices locally. Through our Hub & Network Program, we can collect feedback on these tools, technological systems, and frameworks to improve and update them over time. 

By incorporating principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion into this work, OpenTEAM ensures that agricultural technologies are more accessible and useful for the diverse group of farmers and food companies that exist.

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