Demonstration & Education Farm

Our farming operations, in addition to producing organic, healthy food, is our primary education tool, hosting apprenticeships, providing a backbone for Farm Camp curriculum, engaging and inspiring the public, and demonstrating best practices.

Family Tours, Programs, and Workshops

From completing farm chores to harvesting your own dozen eggs, our programs aim to engage learners of all ages in the food system.

A group of kids petting a sheep

Farm Camp

At Farm Camp, kids engage in hands-on learning about sustainable agriculture and the environment. Campers take care of livestock, tend gardens, and make new friends while exploring 626 acres of farmland, forest, and coast.

A counselor reading a book to kids outside

Training Farmers

As the farmer population ages and food system challenges become more complex, we are aiming to support the critical need for new, young farmers and systems thinkers to contribute to agriculture.

Two farm staffers holding cauliflower over their faces

Demonstration Farm

Using our unique role as an educator, our farm serves as a testing ground for new management technologies and techniques, and for convening other food systems leaders to advance regenerative agriculture. 

Farmer comparing different types of soil and runoff water

We Farm on Abenaki Land

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