Everything you do at Wolfe's Neck Center is full of discovery.

Here, people enjoy being in nature, including hands-on, sensory experiences on a working farm; touching the warm soil, eating a fresh tomato off the vine, smelling freshly cut hay, or watching a chick hatch. This kind of place-based, experiential learning strengthens our collective understanding of where food comes from and helps us to gain a deeper appreciation for the impact of our food choices on your community, health, and the planet.


Organic Dairy Research and Farmer Training Program

Nationwide, the average age of dairy farmers is approaching 60 and the number of farms producing milk is in decline.  Too few young people are entering organic dairy.  Meanwhile, the demand for organic milk is steadily increasing, creating a nationwide shortage of organic milk.

To address these challenges, Wolfe’s Neck Center has launched a two-year residential Organic Dairy Research and Farmer Training Program in partnership with Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship and Stonyfield.  This program aims to increase the production of organic milk in the Northeast while fostering the next generation of organic dairy farmers.  It achieves this goal by partnering with new, transitioning, and existing organic dairy farmers to improve their practices and ensure long-term sustainability and production in this region. This program is the first of its kind in the nation, and launched with a major grant from the Danone Ecosystem Fund and Stonyfield.

Questions about the program should be directed to Organic Dairy Director, Sarah Littlefield. 


Teen Ag Program

Our Teen Ag Program is a 10-week sustainable agriculture immersion program for local teens that engages them in multiple aspects of building a better foodscape. Program participants gain hands-on work experience and agricultural training that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, civic participation, and ecological awareness.

The Crew grows all the farm’s vegetables and fruits, manages our farm stand and our CSA, and provides produce for Farm-to-Table dinners and our campground’s Farm Café. Most importantly, Teen Ag donates thousands of pounds of fresh produce to area food pantries throughout the year. We’re cultivating the next generation of sustainable farmers, food systems innovators, conscientious eaters, and engaged community members.

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Farm Camp

At Farm Camp, kids learn about sustainable agriculture and ecology while helping care for livestock, digging in our organic gardens, and making new friends. Campers start each day with farm chores and then set off to explore the diverse ecosystems of our 626 acres of pastures, coastline, gardens, and forests.

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Group Programs

Do you represent a group or school that would like to schedule a program with us?   Bring academic content to life through hands-on activities across our 626-acre working farm. Spark students’ interest in agriculture and ecology while exploring our barnyard, gardens, shoreline, and forest. Our programs are based in life on the farm, so they change with the season.  We offer shorter field trips catered to your groups' learning needs, as well as a full-day Farm School.

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