Our mission is to transform our relationship with farming and food for a healthier planet.

We are committed to supporting Maine’s future by training new farmers, researching soil health, and using this place as a space for hands-on learning about where our food comes from and why our food choices matter.

Our Approach

Everything you do at Wolfe’s Neck Center is full of discovery. Here, people enjoy being in nature, including hands-on, sensory experiences on a working farm: touching the warm soil, eating a fresh tomato off the vine, smelling freshly cut hay, or watching a chick hatch. This kind of learning strengthens our understanding of where food comes from and the impact of our food choices on our community, our health, and the planet.





What People Are Saying

“We had our son come home excited to tell us about his day. He was so excited, he was bursting with stories to tell us (not just one story per day but multiple). The stories were positive, kind, and about learning/fun. First camp where all the kids were kind in his group (no name calling, teasing) and no hands on from any of the kids too. As a parent, it was wonderful to have camp educators provide eye contact with parents and camper, introduce themselves and be welcoming/friendly.”

– Alan Pennington, Portland

“A pretty special camp that teaches kids how important the sourcing of our food is and how important kids can be in leading the charge to protect our resources. We’ve talked a few times how *fortunate* we are to have access to a place such as Wolfe’s Neck.”

– Stacy Urbanowicz, Holden, MA

“Being able to help take care of chickens and cows, and get their hands in the soil, in the tide pools, or on the trees in the woods, sometimes all within a single day at camp – it truly does not get any better than that.”

– Summer Camp Parent, 2017

“Kids came home bubbling with new information!”

– Summer Camp Parent, 2017

Help shape the future of farming and food by joining the team at Wolfe’s Neck Center! We are hiring for multiple positions. Check them out below!

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