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10 Minute Farm Tour: Calves (VIDEO)
We're in the barn today to introduce you to the youngest of our cows, the calves and heifers. Learn about their shared housing style, what they eat, how we care for them, and more!
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10 Minute Farm Tour: Salamander Scouting (VIDEO)
We're in the new growth forests behind our Livestock Education Barn today! To one side is pastoral landscapes, and to the other is a saltwater estuary, home to a diverse array of species. Today we learn more about reptiles and amphibians! Let's turn over some rocks and logs to see what we find...
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10 Minute Farm Tour: Chicks! (VIDEO)
Our newest batch of chicks arrived this morning, just in time for a spotlight on them in this morning’s farm tour. Learn more about their role here, how they eat, their incubated brooders, and more.
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Walk & Spot: Campground Loop
Here's a loop that will take you through the various ecosystems across the campus and give you a look at our campground. This walk is just under 2 miles, and the perfect way to spend an afternoon. You get a little bit of everything – animals grazing on pasture, seedlings popping up in soil, and waves lapping on the shore of Casco Bay. Can you spot everything our educator saw on his walk?
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10 Minute Farm Tour: Cows on Pasture (VIDEO)
Wolfe's Neck Center educator Andrew brings us onto pasture for a visit with some friendly members of our organic dairy herd! We'll meet a few of them (hello Tumbler, hello Tater!) and learn about why the health of our pastures is so important for our cows' nutrition.
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Fruit Dissection
In this activity we will take a closer look at what makes a fruit a fruit! This activity is great for upper elementary school students, younger learners with adult supervision, or for curious teens and adults.
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Goat Meet & Greet with a View (VIDEO)
Our educator brings Ghost, Jack, and Snuggles, our three Oberhasli goat brothers, out to enjoy some fresh air and pasture munching. Learn more about their breed, what they like to eat, and how you can interact with them in our fun & popular Goat Hikes—returning this summer!
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Campfire Cooking
With camping season right around the corner, now is the ideal time to practice building a campfire! It's the perfect way to stay warm on a cool brisk evening while camping—and made even better with s'mores!—but it also provides a chance to hone your outdoor cooking skills. If you have a fire pit in your backyard, set up the space as an imaginary campsite and have fun preparing a meal in the great outdoors.
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Meet Our New Layers & Coop Tour (VIDEO)
350 laying hens arrived this week and are settling in to a luxurious life on pasture! Our educator Andrew introduces us to the flock and tells us more about chickens. Stick around for a tour of their mobile coop and learn about their important role on our farm.
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