Alexandra Cousteau

Alexandra Cousteau has been advocating for the oceans since age eight, when she joined her grandfather’s petition to create an Antarctic nature reserve. A filmmaker, public speaker and advisor to governments and non-profits, she has conducted deep-sea surveys, campaigned for the expansion of marine protection areas, rescued dolphins and manatees, and investigated the impact of oil spills and agricultural run-off on coastal ecosystems. As co-founder and president of Oceans 2050, she uses her gift for storytelling and her background in political science to align interests and bring people together around the common good of abundant oceans. 

Alexandra studied international relations at Georgetown University and received an honorary doctorate of Humane Letters from her alma mater in 2016. Her advocacy for the oceans has been recognized by, among many others, the National Geographic Society, which named her an Emerging Explorer; the World Economic Forum, which named her a Young Global Leader; and the University of California Irvine, which presented her with its Human Security Award. Alexandra serves as a member of the advisory boards of SeaLegacy and Oceanswise and as a senior adviser to Oceana. 

Learn more about Alexandra, here. 

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