Afternoon Goat Walk

Afternoon Goat Walk

Chomp, chomp, chomp! Mama Goat and her two kids went exploring the farm this afternoon, of course stopping for a few nibbles here and there. They were led by the finest crew in town – a group of Summer Campers who were happy to show the goats around and guide them to the yummiest grasses. With all the commotion, the goats paraded around the fields in a flutter, and campers were not far behind.

One helpful camper thought that Mama Goat may like to try snacking on some tiger lily. No such luck, judging by the way she sniffed the flower and turned her head back down to the grasses. “Goats are just like us, they use their sense of smell and taste when deciding what they’d like to munch on,” a knowledgeable counselor told the group. She taught us that the goats prefer the hard, stocky grasses more than the wet and chewy types.

In the midst of the hungry goats wandering the field, there were other sights to see. One of those sights jumped right up on the lap of a sitting camper – a grasshopper! Tricky as it was, she was able to cup the bug in her hands for long enough to say hello. Just as quickly as he had appeared, our six-legged friend bounced away in a flash. It became our mission to look for more grasshoppers. Little did we know, our challenge turned out not to be a challenge at all! I stared at the grass in front of me, focusing on any movement that there may be. It was bursting with life! Grasshoppers and other little critters were plentiful in the ground beneath our feet, making me wish I had a magnifying glass to make some closer observations.

By then, our goat friends were full from their nibbling and started to meander back to their pen. What a fun way to end a week of summer camp, learning more about the creatures big and small that we share this beautiful farm with.

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