Stream an Environmental Film

Stream an Environmental Film

April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day in 1970! Help us support our mission “for a healthier planet” by taking part in our Earth Week challenge. Click here for details.

Stream an Environmental Film

Heading outside into nature is a special way to learn about the environment around us. That’s why at Wolfe’s Neck Center we engage people of all ages in hands-on programs to experience a connection to food, farming, and the outdoors in an immersive way. However, the diversity across our planet through varied ecosystems and cultures means there is so much more to discover than what’s in our backyard!

One great way to dive deeper into a topic or place that interests you is by watching environmental films at home through your TV or computer. There are many resources for likeminded individuals to learn more and engage in conversations around the subject. Some are scheduled livestreams, others are curated collections, or documentaries. There are many free videos to stream, and others are fee-based to support the filmmakers or screening centers. We’ve outlined a brief collection of resources below. Thinking of this is as your starting off point, but if there’s something specific you’re looking for, go seek it out!

1. Support your local screening venue.

Frontier Café
“The Virtual Cinema Series is a new way for our community to watch films programmed by Frontier from the safety of their homes. A portion of the proceeds from these special links will support Frontier during our temporary closure.”

Frontier is a restaurant partner of Wolfe’s Neck Center and part our annual Farm to Table series. They consistently screen films showcasing the human connection to the natural world. We are grateful for your support of their work!

Portland Museum of Art
Digital screenings available to rent

2. Watch clips or full films from an environmental film festival.

Colorado Environmental Film Festival

DC Environmental Film Festival

3. Explore an entire online collection.

Films for the Earth
2500 short films and over 500 feature films about sustainability

4. Find a compelling documentary.

Recommendations from Global Wildlife Conservation

Get settled in with your chosen lineup, pop some popcorn, and immerse yourself in our natural world through your screen. You may learn something that has great impact on your life moving forward.

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