Farm to Table Dinner Series

Each of our Farm to Table events is unique, as we partner with a different chef to feature local foods at the peak of their season, harvested here and at other area farms.  What they all have in common is that you can expect a beautiful farm setting, live music, great company, and delicious local food and beverages while benefiting our nonprofit.

The Farm to Table dinner series is our signature fundraiser of the year and is critical to maintaining and growing the support for the farm.  


With the emergence and escalation of COVID-19, our top priority is to protect the health, safety, and well-being of our visitors and staff. We have been closely monitoring the situation to determine how this affects our Farm to Table events and have made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Series. 

2020: A Series Reimagined

The work that Wolfe’s Neck Center is doing to transform the way we farm and eat has never been more important. As food pantries are facing a dramatic increase in need right here in our community, we believe there is a role our Farm to Table series can play in lieu of our typical events. We’re teaming up with organizations focused on food insecurity, including Preble Street, Mid Coast Hunger Prevention Program, Freeport Community Services and Cooking for Community, to direct the food, staff time, communications and logistics that go into our Farm to Events to supporting their efforts in feeding people. A stronger local food system will help all of us through this crisis, and will create a more resilient future for food and farming.

Join the Farm to Table Host Committee

In this extraordinary year, join our Farm to Table Host Committee to bring the food that would have been served at the Mallet Barn to the people in our community who are hardest hit right now and support our work of training farmers, soil health research, and connecting people to the source of their food. Supporting our Farm to Table series is also a meaningful way to be part of the Wolfe’s Neck Center community.

Donate at the 14-Carrot Level or above to be a part of our 2020 Farm to Table Host Committee and publicly listed as a Series supporter.

Platinum Carrot Members

Mary and George Babikian
Kathy Biberstein
Peter Bouman and Carrine Burns
Ed and Jane Bradley
Rip and North Cunningham
Jim DeGrandpre
Cindy and Todd Doolan
Linda Hyatt
Tim and Julie Leland
Katie Pulsifer and Steve Morton
Nadia Saliba
Barbara Cottrell and Lee Schepps
Debra Coppinger and David Soley
Tom and Courtney Stephens
Giovani Twigge and Scott Tyree
Tay and Heather Veitch
Susan Lamb and Alan Weiner
Carol and Joe Wishcamper
Sarah and Marc Zimman

24-Carrot Members

Rachael and Justin Alfond
George Casey and Linda Bail
Charles and Tavi Harwood
Nora Healy
Triplett Kise
Dennis and Story Landis
Alan and Robin Lapoint
Ken and Rosemary Murphy
John and Dean Paterson
Karen and Ford Reiche
Sallie Smith
Fiona and Rob Wilson
Meredeth and Mark Winter
Heather and Jeff Zachau

18-Carrot Members

Barbara and David Caldwell
Emily and Gregg Carville
Chilton Furniture Co.
Holly Fowler and Scott Richardson
Liza and David Gerber
Joe Hahn and Leslie Hallock
Judy and Gordon Hamlin
Gray Harris
Bridget and Michael Healy
Megan and Erik Hellstedt
Dave Herring and London Leland
David and Francie Herring
Erin and Sasha Leland
Ellie Linen Low and Dave Low
Raina and Dave Maxwell
Jenny Melville and Alex Abbott
David and Vivi Miller
Mason and Margaret Morfit
Sam and Judy Parkhill
Eileen and Mark Peterson
Laurel Walsh and Justin Schuetz
Carol Southall
David and Valerie Stone
Ben and Mariana Tupper
Katrina Van Dusen and John Gleason
Ronnie Weston
Tom and Jule Whelan
Dick and Rodi Whiting
Barbara Young and Jim Fast

14-Carrot Members

David Backer
Elizabeth Banwell
David and Geri Bassett
Matt Cheney and Kate Olson
Tim and Janice Griffin
Todd and Gloria Nicholson
Karen O’Rourke and David Suchoff
Betsy, Erik, Max and Teddy Peters
Peter and Pamela Plumb
Julia and David Redding
Meredith S S Smith
Sam and Kathy Smith
Jeffrey Stenzel
Richard and Barbara Trafton
Sandra and Bill Wallen
Robert and Kate Zimmerman

2020 Farm to Table Partners

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