Young Donors: Zach and Isaac

Young Donors: Zach and Isaac

What would your kids do if they had $100 saved up? Maybe they’d buy a couple of video games, or some other electronic toy? Zach (12) and Isaac (8) had about that much money saved up between them, but they came up with a very unique plan for their stashed savings. After one of their very first trips to Wolfe’s Neck Farm, they learned that individual donations and memberships were very important to helping the farm to grow and operate. So they decided the farm needed their money more than they did. The two boys brought their money to their parents and explained that they wanted to donate it to Wolfe’s Neck Farm. Somewhat surprised, their parents helped them to fill out a donation envelope and send it off. The boys didn’t seek any recognition for their donation.

This touching story only came to light by chance when the family was randomly picked as winners of one of our Turkey Raffles. Only after they found out why the family had been entered in the raffle in the first place, (every member is automatically entered) was the story shared by Mrs. Flood.

Isaac is now an active member of our Barns and Pastures 4-H club and Zach enjoys visiting as often as he is able to. Both boys were here visiting the farm, and were able to watch the birth of our second set of goat twins this past week. Just yesterday I had a chance to ask them why they wanted to give their money to the farm, Isaac replied “I like to care for the animals and on the farm…I wanted to help the farm get more animals, goats.” Zach informed me that he wanted to help a “local entity, felt the need to support it, to help the community.”

From all of us at Wolfe’s Neck Farm, Thank you Zach and Isaac! Your generosity and thoughtful selflessness has helped to bring those new goats to the farm for the rest of the community to enjoy. And thank you to all the rest of you who are equally as generous with your contributions, we couldn’t meet or mission and our goals to the extent that we do without your support.

Eric Tadlock,
Director of Education

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