What Brings a Story to Life?

What Brings a Story to Life?

What Brings a Story to Life?
Connecting little ones to fresh off the vine produce

A couple of years ago, we had an idea to turn the classic Maine children’s book Blueberries for Sal into a farm program here. It was such a heartwarming activity that we not only knew it was a do-over, but that we needed to do more like this! This past September we launched a second Snack & Story on another classic, Strega Nona. Was it a success? The look on her face says it all!

It all starts with something children know and love: story time. This is a chance for them to daydream and become immersed in make believe. We’ve enjoyed picking stories that parents will love and remember, all around themes of farming and eating in-season. And because of the power of this special place, we can make an imaginary story come to life on the farm…

Strega Nona made her sauce from fresh, juicy tomatoes. To make the delicious pasta sauce just like in the story, we needed to harvest the main ingredient first. Snack & Story goers climbed aboard our hay wagon and took a ride up to our organic vegetable plot. For these young children, this was their first experience picking fresh tomatoes right off the vine.

Gathering ingredients is one thing, eating the end result is another! Through our summer camp and other educational programs, we’ve found that kids are more likely to try fruits and vegetables when they’ve been part of the growing or picking process. Spaghetti and fresh-made tomato sauce passed the test and made for a great late summer lunch on the farm!

There’s a bit of magic in the story of Strega Nona, and there’s also a bit of magic in bringing a story to life. With the help of a hay wagon, farmers in a vegetable plot, and an outdoor cooking station, these children shared in moments of discovery that can only happen at a place like Wolfe’s Neck Center.

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