Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) shares have become a popular way for farms to market their wares directly to local customers.

CSA members buy a “share” of the farm’s production for a season. Shareholders receive a portion of the harvest as the season progresses. It can be a great way to connect with and support local farms and farmers!

2020 CSA registration is now open to the general public

CSA Share Information

  • The CSA season runs from June – October
  • Choose from our Vegetable or Meat shares, or sign up for both!
  • Fruit & Vegetable CSA Members pick up at our Farm Store once a week, and Meat CSA Members pick up once a month
  • Fruit & Vegetable CSA Pickups are held on Wednesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays weekly
  • Vegetable CSAs run for 18 weeks from June 24-October 21
  • Meat CSAs run for 5 months from June-October
  • All CSA members receive a newsletter written by our farmers with recipes, notes from the field, and more!

Share Options

Vegetable CSA

Vegetable CSA shareholders enjoy $26 worth of a delicious organic produce each week, from our famous “Wolfe It Down Salad Mix”, to heirloom tomatoes, summer squash, and so much more based on what’s in season.  All fruits and vegetables are grown right here in our production plot and in our greenhouses, and are harvested fresh each week.  Our production fields are managed by our Fruit & Vegetable Interns who are honing their skills training to become the next generation of organic farmers.  The fields provide educational opportunities for campers and day visitors, contributions to local food pantries, and a space to experiment with innovative growing techniques. This work is made possible through your support of our CSA program.  Only 40 shares available!


Here’s How It Works:

  • Come to our Farm Store during your preferred pickup day on Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday
  • Check in with the staff member to receive the list and quantity of weekly produce, meat, and eggs
  • Pick out your own! Enjoy finding that perfect tomato and filling your own bag. Plus, supplement your basket with a variety of local and Wolfe’s Neck Center value-added products
  • Confirm your CSA selection with the staff member upon checkout and purchase any additional items

Note: On some weeks, you will have the ability to choose between similar crops when we have an abundance (for example: Pick 1 bunch of kale or chard, pick 1 delicata squash or butternut).

Meat CSA

Our diversified livestock and poultry are free-range, raised humanely on lush oceanfront pasture free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. They are an integral part of our regenerative farm plan to keep our grasses vegetative and productive, our soils healthy, and our farmland utilized to its fullest potential.  When purchasing a Meat CSA, you will receive 15 pounds of pre-packaged, frozen meat each month, with a rotating selection of chicken, pork, and beef.  Only 20 shares available!


Here’s How It Works:

  • Come to our Farm once each month on the scheduled pickup day
  • Select one burlap bag from our designated Meat CSA freezer with a 15 lb. assortment of Wolfe’s Neck Center chicken, beef, and pork
  • Enjoy! Return each month on the scheduled pickup day to pick up your next 15 lb. bag.

We are MOFGA-certified organic and 100% chemical-free.

Vegetables are grown with non-GMO and organic seeds, cultivated using sustainable practices and without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in more than one type of share. Can I buy multiple shares?

Yes, absolutely! You are welcome to purchase the Vegetable or Meat CSA, or both. If you would like eggs, you can purchase in our Farm Store during your share pickup.

Can I pay by month?

The CSA model is meant to alleviate start-up costs for the farmer at the beginning of the growing season. Paying up front helps offset these costs for the farmers while providing you with the first selection of our quality products. Therefore, payments are received in full when signing up for your CSA share.

Where do I pick up my share?

Vegetable CSA shares can be picked up in the Farm Store, located on the Little River Campus next to our Livestock Education Barn. Vegetable CSA members can choose their produce from the display.  Meat will be found in a CSA member-only freezer in the Livestock Education Barn (details will be sent to members prior to pickup). Eggs are available for purchase in the Farm Store.

Do I need to bring my own bag to pick up my share?

Yes, please bring a bag for your Vegetable share. Meat shares will be bundled in burlap bags, but be sure to bring back your burlap bag from the previous month’s pickup each time.

Can I substitute something in my share for something different?

No, we have a limited production and want to ensure that all CSA members receive their weekly supply. We ask that you take the items indicated each week (each month for the Meat CSA).  If there’s an item that you do not want, you are not required to take it with you.

We will make exceptions for any religious needs for the Meat CSA.

If I’m out of town for the week, can I pick up two shares the following week?

Sorry, this will not be possible. You are welcome to transfer your share to a neighbor, family member, or friend for the week that you are gone.

Should I be worried about produce running out before I get there?

Fear not! Any products in short supply will be set aside for CSA members only. Our farmers restock Farm Store produce daily.

What happens if I’m going to be out of town and can’t pick up my share?

No problem! Send us an email so we know which neighbor, family member or friend is picking up your share.

Something’s come up and I can’t make my preferred pickup date this week. What do I do?

Please email us and we will coordinate your pick up.

What quantity of produce can I expect in my Vegetable CSA?

Members can expect to receive $26 worth of produce every week. For some members, $26 worth of produce a week is only enough to supplement the vegetables their family needs to eat on a weekly basis. Some of our members decide to buy 2 shares in order to feed a larger family.

What quantity of meat can I expect in my Meat CSA?

Each month you will receive a 15 lb. selection of meat (chicken, beef, and pork) based on our inventory.

Is the meat organic? How are the animals raised?

Our meat is raised organically, however it is not certified organic by the USDA.

The livestock at Wolfe’s Neck Center are raised in a low stress, organic manner. They are given the best treatment and closely monitored everyday to ensure everyone is healthy and happy.

During the late spring, summer, and early fall the livestock are intensively rotated through our pastures where they enjoy luscious green forage.  They are also given a high quality organic grain. During the winter the animals are fed high quality, organic hay and baleage bales along with the organic grain.

Where is the meat processed?

Our meat is processed at three local processors:

  • Weston’s Meat & Poultry in Gardiner
  • Bubier Meats in Greene
  • Common Wealth Poultry Co. in Gardiner

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