Tim Griffin

Associate Professor and Program Director – Agriculture Food and Environment

Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, Boston MA

How did you first become connected with WNC? My first university faculty position, starting in 1992 (until 2000) was at the University of Maine.  My expertise includes grazing management, and I visited WNC during my first week of work.  I have been involved, off and on, since that time.

How do you hope to best contribute to WNC’s development through your tenure on the Board?  My recent and current work focuses on the food system, from production to nutrition and health.  I want to help WNC become a central and important research center that links all of these areas.

What is your favorite thing about WNC?  Two things: just being there.  And that our kids grew up coming to the farm and still talk about it (and visit).

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