Thursday, March 12 – The Magic of Soil: Consorting with Microbes

Join us for this talk and discussion about how to grow living soils. Living soil cools the climate; it is easy and we can do it! Whether you are a farmer, gardener, or lawn owner, you can help heal the planet by establishing a healthy soil ecosystem on your property.

How can we grow Living Soil? It begins with biologically rich compost, and ends with a planet that is immediately cooler. Along the way we grow nutrient dense food, weed less, use less water, abandon fertilizers and pesticides, and save lots and lots of time and money. When we form a knowing and respectful partnership with plants and soil microbes, we foster health and well being for ourselves and for all of life.

About the Presenter: Spero Latchis CCH. is the founder of Living Soil Network and longtime students of soil microbiologists Dr. Elaine Ingham and professor Walter Jehne. He regularly lectures on the profound relationship between soil health, human health, and planetary health.

Free to attend, $5 suggested donation


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