Steven Mirsky

Dr. Steven Mirsky is a research agro-ecologist in the Sustainable Agricultural Systems Laboratory, USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (Beltsville, Maryland). His program quantifies how soil and climate interact with cover crop management and genetics to influence crop production and resilience, weeds, economics, soil health, and environmental impact. Dr. Mirsky directs the Northeast Cover Crop Council, an organization dedicated to address sustainable agriculture knowledge gaps, conduct extension and outreach to agricultural professionals and farmers, and provides web-based decision support to growers. Dr. Mirsky is the PI for a National Legume Cover Crop Breeding project and a national herbicide-resistant weed management project. Finally, Dr. Mirsky manages two long-term cropping systems experiments and is part of the National Long-term Agricultural Research Network. He is working with a team of agricultural scientists and data scientists to develop modular cover crop-based decision support tools and to integrate precision and sustainable agricultural practices.

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