Stephanie Tibbetts

I am originally from Lovell, Maine. I spent the last 3 years in Vermont while I obtained my degree in Dairy Farm Management from Vermont Technical College. After graduating, I decided to come back to Maine and in June of 2020, found myself here in Freeport!

Both sides of my family have a deep history in agriculture. My father’s side raised seasonal crops such as pumpkins, squash and corn on a rather large scale, while my mom’s family worked as dairy farmers. The dairy industry impacted me from a very young age and still does to this day.

I am fortunate to have stumbled upon my position as the Dairy & Livestock Assistant Manager here at Wolfe’s Neck Center. I’m excited to advance in my knowledge regarding grass-based dairying with the help of the different research projects that are in the works here. I look forward to working with the entire team at Wolfe’s Neck and already feel at home in this tight-knit community. There is a great importance for availability of hands on, work based training for prospective dairy farmers, and I’m glad to be playing a role in educating the next generation through my passion for teaching others.

When I am not working, I enjoy being outdoors and traveling throughout New England. In the colder months, you will usually find me snowmobiling with family.

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