Sarah Zimman

How did you first become connected with WNC? 

I first became acquainted with Wolfe’s Neck Center (WNC) in 2009. Wolfe’s Neck Center was a hidden gem just around the corner from our family home. Since then, WNC has been a place where I could shake off the rush of our busy lives, fall into line with nature’s rhythms, and have a space for my family to connect with the greater natural world. I have watched WNC evolve its programming over the years to increasingly provide accessibility to all ages, which gets at its core mission –  to provide experiential education about agriculture and sustainability.

How do you hope to best contribute to WNC’s development through your tenure on the Board?  

I hope to contribute to continued community outreach and education at WNC. I appreciate WNC’s willingness to pivot and change when needed to meet the demands of the community and at the same time consistently providing an inclusive space where all can engage in farm life, appreciate nature in various seasons, and feel connected to a common good.

What is your favorite thing about WNC?  

While I’m typically a warm weather person, I love the trails and freedom to explore the Farm in all seasons, and the peacefulness of the trails on a wintry day can be as magical as a gorgeous summer one.

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