Our Inner & Outer Soils: A Three-Part Workshop

“All disease begins in the gut,” a quote from Hippocrates, is more relevant today than ever. In this three-part workshop series, we’ll explore the relationship between the health of the gut/microbiome and the health of our planet’s soil. The series is led by Allie Armstrong, herbalist and functional medicine health coach.

  • Class 1 will be an introduction to the microbiome and how to use nutrition to support gut health (and therefore overall health). Participants will learn how to make fermented vegetables, including a jar to take home.
  • Class 2 (with special guest, Tom Prohl, Farm Operations and Systems Manager at Wolfe’s Neck Center) will focus on why the health of the soil is so critical to the health of each of us individually. This class will take place in one of our hoop houses as we consider why a carrot grown today is not as nutrient-dense or supportive as a carrot grown a hundred years ago.
  • Class 3 will center around herbal medicine for gut health. Participants will create a personalized tea blend to take home. Our time together will emphasize how to create healthy terrain in the microcosms (our guts) and macrocosms (the soil) of our overall ecosystem.

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