Nat Irwin

Nat joins us as OpenTEAM’s Tech Support Lead. In this new role, Nat will serve as a liaison between tech developers and on-farm tech users to help further OpenTEAM’s vision of a farm-ready, open source and interoperable tech ecosystem.

Having grown up in New Hampshire, Nat is thrilled to return to northern New England. While he spent a lot of his childhood outdoors, Nat’s interests in both regenerative agriculture and open source technology developed in college, where Nat studied sustainable food and agriculture systems at Yale University. Throughout his undergraduate career, Nat worked with a number of OpenTEAM technology developers in project management and tech support roles. He also conducted interview-based thesis research with farmers in New Hampshire and Vermont. Nat is thrilled to join OpenTEAM to interface with developers and farmers in order to help facilitate a collaborative and equitable shift toward sustainable agricultural methods.

When he is not working, you can find Nat hiking with his dog, skiing, cooking with friends, or absorbed in a science fiction novel.

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