Kate Sabino

Since 2015, Kate has worked on nine dairy farms in five states throughout the Northeast. Fascinated with different dairy farming systems, she has sought experience on an array of production models: conventional, organic, certified grass-fed, dairies shipping to a commodity market, and dairies directly marketing their own raw milk products. She has also pursued work in food and agribusiness with her most recent roles being in supply chain and agricultural sciences at General Mills Inc. She tries to bring a ground-level and a survey-level perspective to everything she does.

Kate started working at Wolfe’s Neck as a dairy grazing apprentice in early 2021 while concurrently working remotely for General Mills. After moving to Minnesota for a year, she decided to return to Maine and completed the apprenticeship at Wolfe’s Neck in 2023. Kate feels so fortunate to have worked and learned from both our previous manager, Ben Gotschall, and our current manager, Elizabeth Tarantino.

As the Assistant Dairy Manager, Kate is thrilled to have the opportunity to continue stewarding the land, the herd, and the apprenticeship program at Wolfe’s Neck. Kate also boards her own grass-fed Jersey cows here, which she hopes will support the dairy’s transition to an increasingly pasture-based model. She truly enjoys working in a place that centers learning at the heart of its mission.

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