Karna Ray

Karna Ray joins us as the Northeast Markets Program Manager with a focus on ensuring a better future for marginalized communities through real climate initiatives. He is guided by the principle that positive change must primarily uplift the marginalized communities that bear the heaviest burdens of climate catastrophe.

Karna is joining Wolfe’s Neck Center after working in music, cooperative labor development, union organizing, and community development in Brooklyn. Before the pandemic, Karna was a touring musician waylaid by quarantine shutdowns. To secure music workers’ continued survival through economic and social uncertainty, Karna and other music workers founded the Union of Musicians and Allied Workers. Furthering a focus on labor, Karna joined the Brooklyn Packers, an agricultural labor cooperative based in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. During his time at the Brooklyn Packers, he helped develop a community food hub to serve Brooklyn and Queens, and helped transition emergency food and mutual aid distribution networks into the local agricultural ecosystem.

When not at work, you can find Karna playing music, riding his bike around the city, or cooking for friends and family.

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