Joan Wiley

Joan was born in Cincinnati, OH, to parents from New England: Boston, MA and Old Town, ME. They moved around every five or so years as her father moved up in the company he worked for. She has lived in seven states throughout her life’s travels, as well as a six-year stint as a military wife that included three years in the Netherlands.

Joan feels lucky to have seen different parts of the world and to have witnessed how people in other places experience housing, food, travel, daily family life, and so on. She believes in the “circle of life” and is so happy to be working at Wolfe’s Neck Center. Farm Camp for children and teens is such a wonderful way to get this story of life across to them, especially in today’s world – where does our food come from, how does it grow, can I do this at home on a smaller scale, what is involved in having a dairy herd, pigs, sheep, goats and chickens? It is a gift and a joy to be able to work here!

When Joan is not at work, and depending on the season, can be found gardening, cross-country skiing, puttering around the house, and getting together with family, including her four children and three grandchildren.

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