Jeff Herrick

Jeff is a soil scientist with the USDA Agricultural Research Service in Las Cruces, New Mexico. He has published widely on a variety of topics including rangeland soil health, restoration, simple tools for rangeland soil and vegetation monitoring, and reducing rangeland monitoring costs, and rangeland soil. He holds adjunct faculty appointments at New Mexico State University (NMSU) and the University of Colorado (CU) at Boulder. He is a member of the International Resource Panel and serves as the US science representative to the UNCCD. He led the development of the nationally (US) applied rangeland monitoring protocols, and co-led the development of the assessment system, both of which have been adapted for use in a number of other countries. He currently leads development of the global Land-Potential Knowledge System (LandPKS), an open-source mobile app for land inventory, evaluation, management and monitoring that is being applied globally.

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