Haden Gooch

I fell in love with grazing, and working with beef cows at the previous farm where I worked, Free Union Grass Farm in central Virginia. During my last season there, I bought a Jersey milk cow and sold raw milk as a side project. I learned that dairy cows and the management practices that comes along with milking cows was totally different than beef, and wanted to further my education in dairy by doing an internship. I made a trip to Wolfe’s Neck, and immediately fell in love with the landscape. It wasn’t too long after that initial visit when I actually moved and started working here.

After completing the Organic Dairy Apprenticeship in 2019, I became Wolfe’s Neck’s Journeyperson, managing all non-dairy livestock on the farm.

I love playing guitar/watching live music, cooking, eating good food, drinking milk, and snowboarding.

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