Emma Groman

Emma spent most of her young life in Maryland playing outside and going on family camping trips (including yearly trips to Maine). She graduated from University of Delaware with degrees in Psychology and Sociology and knew that she wanted to connect her fascination with humans with her passion for the outdoors. After a few seasons of vegetable farming in Delaware, all of these intersections of her interests came together. She learned about the practice of horticultural therapy (HT), where working with plants is used as a healing modality. In order to pursue a certification in this field she took an internship at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and spent her time there learning about plants and assisting in the facilitation of their HT programming. She is thrilled to return to her farming roots and join the Wolfe’s Neck team as an educator, where she can continue to work with people, plants, and now livestock!

When she’s not working outside, she can be found playing outside! She loves swimming in all bodies of water, climbing rocks, and grilling dinner in her backyard on warm summer nights.

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