Eliza Baker-Wacks

Growing up in Southern California, Eliza was fortunate to be surrounded by a robust year-round farm economy, spurring a love of agriculture and local food. After coming to Maine and attending Colby College, she fell in love with Maine’s farms, forests, and oceans. Before joining us as our OpenTEAM Hub & Network Tech Coordinator, Eliza first came to Wolfe’s Neck Center in 2019 as a Fruit and Vegetable Apprentice after farming in Hawaii, California, and Maine. She continued farming at WNC for three seasons, becoming the Fruit and Vegetable Production manager and running the farm operations.

Eliza is passionate about supporting farmers and ensuring that they have the resources they need to succeed. For the last year and a half, Eliza was working with farmers on land access issues in New England. She is excited to return to one of her favorite places in Maine and for a new adventure in this role. Outside of work she loves hanging out with her dog, Wylie, baking, hiking, and spending time outside!
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