Edward Tittmann

How did you first become connected with WNC?

I moved to Maine in 2008, and happened to land on Wolfes Neck.  The beauty of the Farm drew me and my family to visit regularly.  It wasn’t long after that I became involved, and have been lucky enough to be part of the significant and positive transformation of the organization.

How do you hope to best contribute to WNC’s development through your tenure on the Board? 

I hope to bring my expertise in non-profit financial management to the organization.  Because the farm is experiencing such exciting growth and change, I look forward to being able to help in its development in any way I can.  The wonderful thing about the WNC board is the diverse group of members, and the collaborative nature of the meetings.

What is your favorite thing about WNC?

WNC is such a gem, that it is hard to pinpoint a single favorite thing.  I think one of the things that strikes me is that nowhere else that I know of has such a beautiful campground and functioning farm right on the water’s edge.  And to think it is just a few miles outside of Freeport!

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