Caitlin Morgan

I grew up in New Hampshire and went to college at UMaine Orono where I studied Animal Science and joined UMADCOWS. UMADCOWS was a class that taught students how to milk and care for dairy cows. This was my first experience with dairy cows and I was hooked. During my college career I was able to work on the school farm. After college I worked for a stud company as a reproductive technician for two years. Afterwards I gained employment as an assistant herdsman at a 500+ cow dairy farm at which time I became aware of the DGA program. My desire to gain more knowledge on all aspects of dairy farming pushed me to create my profile and search for Masters to prepare me for my future in dairy farming. When I was invited to visit to Wolfe’s Neck Farm I was immediately blown away by the program and the people who facilitated it.

When I’m not on the farm I enjoy reading, training my dog, exploring the outdoors, and spending time with my family and friends.

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