Bailey Moritz

As the lead specialist for Seaweed and Shellfish Farming on the WWF-US Aquaculture team, Bailey supports the seaweed industry in reducing barriers to growth and advancement for climate gains. Her current region of focus is the Eastern Pacific to the North Atlantic. She oversees grants to community organizations and research institutes focused on projects ranging from the ecosystem services of seaweed and shellfish farming to installing demonstration farms in new communities. She develops workshops aimed at driving new markets for seaweed, including as a livestock feed and alternative packaging material, bringing together stakeholders across the respective value chains. 

Bailey brings 10 years of marine science, education, and aquaculture experience. Prior to WWF, Bailey ran a commercial kelp nursery and a research-scale scallop farm in Maine. She has worked on seaweed farming projects in coastal communities in Madagascar and Belize as part of her graduate studies. Her research centered on a women’s association developing new seaweed-based products. She holds a BA in Earth and Oceanographic Science from Bowdoin College and a Professional Science Master’s in Ocean Food Systems from the University of New England. 

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