Alex Intraversato

Vice President of Merchandising, L.L.Bean

How did you first become connected with WNC?

I first experienced Wolfe’s Neck Center when my family and I moved to Freeport in 2008.  We’ve always felt incredibly lucky to have such a beautiful spot and amazing organization right here in our home town. Our kids attended Farm Camp in the summer and we have enjoyed many festivals, Harvest Dances, and other events at the center over the years.

How do you hope to best contribute to WNC’s development through your tenure on the Board?

I am a retail executive with experience in strategy-building and working across functions within an organization to implement key initiatives. I hope to use these skills to help Wolfe’s Neck Center communicate and implement their vision and mission and continue to scale their impact.

What is your favorite thing about WNC?

I love the role that Wolfe’s Neck Center plays in the local community – I’m excited to take part in more events like the Farm to Table series and get to know the talented staff. I am so impressed with the growing impact that Wolfe’s Neck Center is having regionally and even nationally to advance regenerative agriculture practices and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

I am excited and honored to join the Board of Directors!

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