Playing Like Champions

Playing Like Champions: A Morning Milking Football Commentary

Playing Like Champions: A Morning Milking Football Commentary

Quarter 1

“Good Sunday morning to all of you organic dairy farming fans out there! I am Bob Cowstas, joined by color commentator Dairy Bradshaw. We’re ready for a great game of farming this morning from our two WNC players Caitlin and Tierney!

“That’s right Bob, these two farmers are the real deal.  I expect to see a high level of execution of the game plan, and an entertaining next 4 hours as they valiantly conquer the morning milking.”

Here they come, showing excellent clock management as they arrive at the barn at 4:30 am on the dot.  Dairy Bradshaw, it looks like they’re taking a quick huddle to plan out their next moves, as it appears the cows have done a number on the bedded pack overnight. They’ll need to bring in some fresh bedding this morning.”

“And here they go with the first play of the day, feeding the milk cows.  Watch the execution as the grain is evenly distributed along the bunk and a fresh bale is brought in.  Just about flawless.  Looks like they’re going to start cleaning the barn while the cows are eating their breakfast, a good strategy here.”


“That’s right, this entire routine is orchestrated to make things as easy as possible for those milk cows.  Happy cows are the cornerstone of this team’s game plan.”

Quarter 2

Wow Bob, look at the form with those manure forks.  These ladies can really toss a cow patty!  That last one went about twenty yards!”

“That’s right Dairy, some real farm muscles there! Here they move onto dividing up the rest of the morning’s work between either milking and feeding calves or taking care of the outside chores. After a quick huddle we have Caitlin on the milking and Tierney on the chores.”

“Bob, both of these plays require a substantial amount of skill.  Milking requires constant diligence and awareness while doing the rest of the feeding and cleaning chores requires brute strength combined with finesse and quickness with heavy equipment.”

“Oh, will you look at that! Looks like we have a first calf heifer in there running a little misdirection!”

“Bob, they’ve got her headed back in the right direction with some outstanding stockmanship.”

“That’s right Dairy, they’re all in the holding area and ready for milking.  Now watch the cow prep going on here, this is just an outstanding job by Caitlin getting the cows milked.”

Quarter 3

“And some great execution there by Tierney as she manages to get the cow yard scraped AND the pack all re-bedded AND another bale fed out before that second string of cows comes back out of the barn. That’s some high-level play right there.”

“That triple play was pioneered by the WNC team’s legendary—and very handsome, might I add—coach Ben Jensen.”

“We go to our aerial coverage now, as Tierney heads across the Little River to the Pote Farm to take care of the dry cows and heifers.”

Quarter 4

Back in the milking parlor, it looks like Caitlin has flown right through milking.  Another great example of clock management.  These two will be done with their respective duties at almost the same time and be able to have breakfast at about 8:30, after a good four hours of work. Most people haven’t even started their day yet!”

“That’s right! Dairy farming requires a whole lot of dedication and hard work. Definitely not for the faint of heart.”

“The game plan calls for another quick huddle at 9, then a second round of chores at 10 to clean the barn again as well as execute another milk cow feeding.  I’m sure that Coach DeGrandpre will have an audible or two to call as welding and equipment projects change this afternoon, then we will be right back here at 3:30 this afternoon to cover all the afternoon milking and chores action, only on FBN, the Farming Broadcast Network.”

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