Pasture-Raised Meats

Our diversified livestock are free-range, raised humanely on lush oceanfront pasture free from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. They are an integral part of our regenerative farm plan to keep our grasses vegetative and productive, our soils healthy, and our farm land utilized to its fullest potential.











Our broiler birds are red Freedom Rangers, a hybrid breed developed to thrive on pasture and sourced as chicks from a family hatchery in Pennsylvania.  They are raised on pasture with a mobile shade structure and supplied free choice organic feed, clean water, and fresh pasture every day.  They are free to roam about their paddock, protected from ground predators by electric poultry netting.  Their manure is a rich, wonderful field amendment and greatly contributes to the health of our soils.  Chicken is available as whole birds, boneless breasts, leg quarters (drumstick and thigh), and wings.


Our beef comes from heifers and cows that have been raised here at Wolfe’s Neck, being fed primarily pasture, baleage, and hay. Our cattle are supplemented with grain to provide a more balanced diet through the entirety of their life. Our beef is processed by a small abattoir only 30 minutes away.  We mainly produce ground beef but do have some specialty cuts available on occasion and upon request. Beef is available for bulk order as well as by the whole, half, quarter and eighth of an animal.


Our lambs are raised almost entirely on lush oceanfront grass, the only exception being during lambing season when lambs are given access to a “starter” grain, a high-energy, highly palatable feed that helps get the lambs off to a great start.  After weaning, lambs are turned onto our carefully managed pastures, grazing smaller fields and periphery areas that our cows and heifers don’t get to. Our lambs and other diversified livestock are an integral part of our regenerative farm plan to keep our grasses vegetative and productive, our soils healthy, and our farm land utilized to its fullest potential.  Lamb is available in ground, by the cut, or in our boxed lamb program.


Our pigs are purebred Berkshires raised on a diet of organic milk and vegetable gleanings from our farm, supplemented with organic grain. Pork is available by pre-order for a half or quarter pig, consisting of individually packaged cuts. Please inquire if you are interested in ordering a whole pig.


Our laying hens lead a very peaceful, natural life.  They are never confined to a cage, and are given fresh pasture every day. They can take dust baths, socialize, roost, scratch, and eat insects to their little heart’s content. The flock follows our cows or sheep around their pasture, about three days behind the paddock where the grazers were. This allows our precious dung beetle population to go to work burying the manure; we wouldn’t want our hens to come along and eat them up. Hen manure is wonderful for pasture! Because the hens fertilize for us, that reduces the amount of chicken manure we need to buy in each year to maintain fertility on our farm. You simply cannot beat the flavor and color of fresh, fresh eggs from pasture-raised hens!

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