Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management (OpenTEAM) equips food systems leaders with the most current and diverse agricultural knowledge that can be localized to each farmer and rancher through a connected technology ecosystem to improve soil health.

From when seeds are planted to when fields are harvested, farmers all around the world are using different tools to track how they manage their farm. Many may be using multiple tools to manage different aspects of their operations that can impact their farm management decisions.

But, what if farmers could leverage their data, using these tools to both manage their farm and combat climate change? 


OpenTEAM is a collaborative community of researchers, farmers, and businesses that is developing a connected technology ecosystem to do just that. If the digital agricultural tools farmers used were in a connected system, farmers could input their data once and receive many benefits, giving them more time to do what they do best. In this connected technology system where farmers can share secure access to their data, scientists can expand their own datasets for climate change research, government agencies can more easily certify organic operations, or technical service providers can share new insights from the data to help farmers employ sustainable farming practices. By sharing data securely, these tools allow farmers to access an array of benefits and economic incentives for implementing more sustainable agriculture practices.

The OpenTEAM ecosystem supports carbon measurements in the field, greenhouse gas quantification and accounting, farming records management, economic analytics and insights, data sharing and sovereignty, and collaboration among farmers and ranchers. By using the OpenTEAM technology ecosystem, farmers can measure different soil health indicators and track their farm management, using that data to improve their own practices and ultimately benefit the planet.

Through OpenTEAM, we are helping farms and ranches of all scales, geographies, and production systems to improve soil health and advancing agriculture’s ability to become a solution to climate change globally.

How OpenTEAM Works

OpenTEAM acts as a convener, technology steward, and technical facilitator to expand how different technologies communicate with one another and how those in agriculture collaborate, allowing for more data and knowledge to be shared across the agricultural industry. To create this sustainable ecosystem of technology, OpenTEAM is building trust with industry collaborators in a pre-competitive environment to improve connectivity among systems and adapt tools and soil health practices locally. With the help of what we call “Hub & Network” farms and ranches, farmers and ranchers who use the tools can share feedback with researchers and technologists building those tools.  

By incorporating an equity lens into this work, OpenTEAM ensures that agricultural technologies are more accessible, equitable, and universal for the diverse group of farmers and food companies that exist.

2022 OpenTEAM Progress Report

We are proud to share our progress report for 2022! Through OpenTEAM, Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture & the Environment actively provides space for dialogue, connection, and education, expanding important conversations across sectors. As we learn with our community and build trust, we are furthering our commitment towards equitable outcomes in agriculture and technology.

This past year signaled a sea change at Wolfe’s Neck Center. As we enter into 2023, OpenTEAM is taking the time necessary to hone in on some deep work to prepare and plan for the year ahead, including for our recent USDA-funded initiative, “ACTION for CSA.” For us to achieve our mission, we will continue to expand our communities’ collective impact regionally, nationally, and globally. Through OpenTEAM and ACTION for CSA, we’re excited to see this community step into a much larger role!

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