At Wolfe’s Neck, teens get hands-on work experience and agricultural training for a healthy lifestyle, civic participation, and ecological awareness.

Junior counselors (JCs) are an invaluable part of our Farm Camp team, and they’re rock stars around camp.

They’re passionate, mature, and responsible young adult volunteers (15-18 years of age) looking to gain leadership experience while learning about sustainable agriculture and local ecology. Working with their group, JCs spend their days outside assisting with camp activities and encouraging the curiosity of campers.

As a JC you will:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Build experience for your college applications and resume
  • Have the opportunity to fulfill service requirements

JCs can choose to sign up for one or more of our 10 Farm Camp weeks.  As this is a day camp, we do not have residential options available for Junior Counselors.  There is no fee for participating in the JC program, but it requires an application and commitment from participants.

Junior Counselors

In our *NEW* Teen Ag Program, teens spend a week getting a taste of farming.

The Wolfe’s Neck Teen Ag program is designed for teens ages 13-15 who are interested in gaining a more in-depth understanding of sustainable farming.  The session offers a variety of hands-on experiences, from time in our organic fruit and vegetable fields and greenhouses, to guest lectures from local farmers and partners, to volunteer projects in our community. Teens will leave with a deeper knowledge and appreciation for where their food comes from!


A typical week might include activities such as:

  • An assigned farm chore, such as watering the fields or turning the compost
  • Time in the production fields to weed around the crops or sow seeds
  • Educational sessions with our Wolfe’s Neck farmers to learn about operations such as egg production or milking our dairy herd.
  • Harvesting vegetables for local food pantries.
  • A “Tom Talk” with our Production Manager on topics related to growing organic vegetables, such as cover cropping and attracting pollinators.
  • A group team-building project, like building a new composting system.
  • Helping Farmer Tom pick (and eat!) strawberries.
  • Hands-on lessons at the ocean.


Program Details:

Housing:  As this is a day camp, we do not have residential options available for Teen Ag participants.

Schedule:  Program Day from 9am – 3:30pm, After Program from 3:30 – 5:30pm



The generous support of the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation has granted Wolfe’s Neck Center the funding to initiate the growth of the Teen Ag Program.  New developments in 2017 include a seed propagation greenhouse, winterizing our high tunnels greenhouses, and perennial fruit production.

What People Are Saying

“The most important thing that my participation in Teen Ag has given me is the assurance that I am a hardworking individual who is capable of creating the positive change I want to see in the world.”

– Lilly Kuhn, 2017 Teen Ag Crew Member

“It really is an incredible program, and it has opened up a whole new career path for me to consider, as well as making me more aware of where my food comes from, and also being more aware of those who do not have reliable access to food, and what is being done to fix that problem.”

– Maya Bradbury, 2017 Teen Ag Crew Member

“I loved being a JC at Farm Camp because it gave me the opportunity to join the amazing Wolfe’s Neck Center community. As a JC, I enjoyed learning about farming, environmental science, and how running a camp works. Being a JC taught me many things about responsibility, maturity, and accountability. I especially loved getting to know the other staff members who were so welcoming and made every day at the farm special and fun. JCing quickly became the highlight of my summer, and eventually led to me working as an educator! I am so thankful to Wolfe’s Neck and the JC program for helping me become the person I am today!”

– Louisa Mahoney, former Junior Counselor

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