At Wolfe’s Neck Center, teens gain hands-on experience as they build skills for a healthy lifestyle and community engagement.

Junior counselors (JCs) are an invaluable part of our Farm Camp team, and they’re rock stars around camp.

They’re passionate, mature, and responsible young adult volunteers (15-18 years of age) looking to gain leadership experience while learning about sustainable agriculture and local ecology. Working with their group, JCs spend their days outside assisting with camp activities and encouraging the curiosity of campers.

As a JC you will:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Build experience for your college applications and resume
  • Have the opportunity to fulfill service requirements

JCs can choose to sign up for one or more of our 10 Farm Camp weeks (2020 schedule TBD).  As this is a day camp, we do not have residential options available for Junior Counselors.  There is no fee for participating in the JC program, but it requires an application and commitment from participants.

Junior Counselors

In our *NEW* Farm-Based Cooking program, teens spend a week getting a taste of the season.

Participants learn how to simmer, sauté, and celebrate the bounty of the summer season while building their culinary skills. After an introduction to food safety techniques with our experienced staff, teens will practice preparing delicious dishes from scratch using produce grown right here on the farm. Participants will also investigate the importance of sustainable food systems. No previous cooking experience required.

Program Details:

Age: 13 – 15

Dates: 2020 schedule TBD

Schedule: Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4 pm

Tuition: $350 per week

Before Care (8 – 9 am) and After Care (4 – 5:30pm) available

What People Are Saying

“As someone who loves cooking, being able to see where my food comes from was really interesting. I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience this summer. We got the scientific, culinary, and agricultural view of farming, and I learned a lot.”

– 2018 Teen Program Participant

“My time here is the kind of memory that I will reflect on many times… I have absolutely grown as a teenager, someone who works with youth, and generally as a human.”

– Ailsa Craig, 2018 Junior Counselor

“This summer has been absolutely extraordinary. I feel so privileged to have been able to spend 5 weeks of my summer with such an amazing, inspiring group of people. I have loved every second. I have experienced immense personal growth this summer, and my leadership style has evolved and strengthened.”

– Ceanne Lyon, 2018 Junior Counselor

“During Farm Camp, I have learned to be confident in my decisions.  I have also grown in public speaking. I think the greatest thing I have gained from this camp is my level of patience, time management, and the ability to connect with amazing kids.”

– Chloe Barber, 2018 Junior Counselor

“This camp showed me what it may be like to be a teacher. How even the little things can be an impact on a child… Having a purpose to get up at 7 in the summertime and spend 8 hours with a bunch of children makes me feel like I am making a difference in the world, one step at a time.”

– Bronwen Ramsey-Brimberg, 2018 Junior Counselor

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