Greenhouse Move with Educators (VIDEO)

Greenhouse Move with Educators (VIDEO)

It takes some serious teamwork to move our mobile high tunnel greenhouse. The farmers planned to move it over a new plot of crops on the same day that our Farm Camp educators started their staff training. We thought there would be no better way to get know know each other than by using this as a teambuilding exercise!
First, each educator took their place at a wheel and cranked to lift the greenhouse off the ground. On the count of three, they pushed the structure along the track until it covered the open plot before cranking the wheels back down to the ground, where it will stay for the next few months. With that, we kick off a great start to the summer season!

This greenhouse is part of our season extension efforts to contribute fresh produce to food pantries throughout the year, and is made possible through the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Healthy Food Fund. 

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