Building on our history, we are putting down new roots.

WE GIVE PEOPLE HANDS-ON EXPERIENCES in farming that help them to better understand the impact that their food choices have on their health, our economy and the environment. We train climate-smart farmers to care for the land, while giving them tools to be economically viable on their own farms. We connect people to the natural world, giving them a place to be on the water, hike the trails, and sleep under the stars. Your support of the farm helps to ensure that it is here for another 50 years, and that the future of farming and our planet is strong.

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A family membership is just $60 ($5 per month) or $35 for an individual membership, and is valid for one year from the date you join.  As we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, all memberships and donations are tax-deductible.



Your gift will strengthen our efforts to create a stronger food system.  Together, we will ensure that fewer kids will go hungry, more farmers will have the training and support they need to be viable, and that we will all be able to feed our families with healthy food grown here in Maine.



Wolfe’s Neck Center is proud to partner with community-minded businesses.  Please contact us for more information about becoming a valued partner.



We are always appreciative of those who wish to come out and help around the farm.  If you are an individual or organization interested in volunteering your time, please fill out our Volunteer Application Form