February Camp Snowman

February Camp Snowman

Down by the water, along the coast
Came a call in the wind,
But not from a ghost
It traveled from the barn,
For all to hear
From the campground and trails,
To anyone near.
From the snow a voice drew,
Waiting and wishing
To be built once again,
Oh what fun he was missing!
Not yet a snowman,
He still remembered the joy
And the hat on his head,
When he looked like a cowboy.

Sledding with friends,
In the February snow
And keeping an eye on the hill,
When to the forest they’d go.

Day campers snowshoeing,
The Farm Loop Trail woods
Followed by fun in the barn,
Staying warm with their hoods.
Feeding hay to the animals,
Listening to Farmer Ben
Until it’s back into the Haze Hut,
To warm up again.

Then come the learning activities,
Crafts and games, too.
Topics of hibernation and building bluebird boxes,
Just to name a few.

But of course leave some time,
To make a snowman friend
So he may stay on Wolfe’s Neck Farm
Beyond Vacation Camp’s end.

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