Doing My Part

Bringing Local Food from Garden to Plate

Doing My Part

Gabriella discusses her involvement in the Teen Ag Program and volunteering at the first Farm-to-Table dinner, where much of the produce served was grown in the Wolfe’s Neck Farm gardens.

By Gabriella Gaspardi

As a member of the Teen Ag crew, for the entirety of last season I was only ever part of growing the produce for the Farm to Table dinners. I rarely ever ate much that Teen Ag grew last summer, mostly because I am a terribly picky eater, or that I would simply just forget about the “Wolfe it Down” salad mix sitting in the back of my refrigerator from a harvest three weeks ago. But this year, due to my greater involvement with Wolfe’s Neck Farm, I have finally been able to see the continuation of what happens once the produce has been grown, harvested, and sent off the Teen Ag plot.

Until working the Farm to Table dinner, I had never considered myself to be a farmer or someone who actually produced large quantities of produce that provided to many individuals. I had always just considered myself as an employee who did what my bosses asked of me and attempted not to accidentally pluck out the various seedlings whilst weeding. But as I was passing out the dishes prepared by the Frontier and Gather chefs, I realized that I took great pride in stating that the produce present at the Farm to Table Dinner were grown by Teen Ag and that I had actually assisted in the growing process.

While I’ve known that supporting local agriculture has been a growing trend, I never really was able to comprehend how many people supported and congregated for the concept of locally grown food, and Wolfe’s Neck Farm in specific. Working the “Tasting Event” Farm-to-Table dinner this June allowed me to experience the support that locally grown food receives in our community alone and gave me pride for being a part of it.

Gabriella first became involved at Wolfe’s Neck Farm as a  2015 Teen Ag crew member. She has returned for the 2016 season to continue working in the Teen Ag gardens, and to support the Teen Ag Program’s connection with farm events and Snack Shack menu items.


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