Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper is a free speaker series in which experts from a diverse set of fields talk to our community about a wide range of topics. Presenters cover things like soil health to the benefits of fermented food to the impact of climate change on our oceans. We aim to bring experts here to our special campus to share their knowledge with our community.

Native American Use of Natural Resources on the Changing Coastline of Casco Bay: 5000 Years Ago to the Present

Wednesday, November 29th, 2023 6-7:30 pm I Smith Center for Education & Research

with Nathan D. Hamilton, Associate Professor of Archaeology, University of Southern Maine and Thomas Bennet, Director, Prince Memorial Library, Cumberland, Maine

A rich archaeological record has much to tell us about Native American activities on the islands and shore of Casco Bay thousands of years ago. This presentation will use displays and hands-on activities to show how materials from field work in our region are analyzed to compile archaeological and environmental data that informs our knowledge of the lives of Indigenous people in Casco Bay before written history. Topics covered will include: sea-level rise and changes in shoreland, use of migratory fish and terrestrial animals such as white tailed deer and sea mink, and the changing use of marine shellfish in relation to water temperature.

Admission is FREE for all ages, but pre-registration is required. If you have registered for the event and can no longer attend, please email mnemec@wolfesneck.org.

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