Barn Update by Kaitlyn Gardener

Barn Update by Kaitlyn Gardener

Hey There,

So, you know, the grass is growing. Somehow it all got green again.

Just some quick farm things:

We have three-week-old broilers growing in the barn. This week we’ll be getting 50 more. “Freedom Rangers”, they’re a respectable breed that is much better at foraging and looking like chickens and just generally staying alive.  Soon you’ll see them out on pasture. Eric and I are running a series of ‘grow your own broiler’ classes. Woot.


We’re getting some Aldermere belties this week.

The ground is getting compost spread on it today! And I’ve begun tilling.

You’ve all seen the gorgeous greenhouse that Chuck and Matt put up. So so much gratitude to them. There are starts in there that are starting to start… It’s a start. Here we go.

Bunnies moved to their summer home. The two littler ones are handleable… if you want to handle them. They also would love your left over veggies.

Old chickens moved outside and have found ways to find ways all ways over the barn. They’ll be going to their new home soon.

New layers are gorgeous and still have a little bit before they lay. But they’ll be getting outside access soon.

Goats are good and kids are milking. Human kids that is.

Sheep are shorn. Some of them are bagging up (e.g. their udders filling) so we may have some lambs sooner rather than later. Anticipated starting may and going throughout. We’ll see. Little lambikins acoming!

We have a great little Plant Sale coming up soon – May 18th.  Great way to get your landscaping tuned up with Maine-hardy perennials.  Looking forward to Spring Fest now as well.  Saturday the first of June – we’ll have lots of great activities for “kids” of all ages.

That’s the it of it.

Happy Earth Day.


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