Lucas Weaver

Lucas grew up in Hopkins, Minnesota, a suburb just outside of Minneapolis. Throughout his childhood, Lucas spent a lot of time outdoors, sometimes doing chores like mowing and helping his dad plant trees, but mostly just finding any excuse he could to spend some time outside. Whether playing games in the woods with his siblings, canoeing and kayaking with friends, rock climbing, hanging out on the beach, or just getting his hands dirty, Lucas always loved connecting with nature and sharing that with others.

In college, Lucas scrapped plans to attend medical school and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a B.A. in English Literature. He then stumbled upon the world of marketing and advertising, and after a few internships, finally got his foot in the door at a small independent ad agency in Minneapolis. He started as a social media intern, and eventually worked there as a digital strategist for four years, helping a variety of clients across the finance, healthcare, and agriculture industries.

After a growing discontent with advertising, Lucas embarked on a two-week trip to Panama and Colombia, determined to do some career soul-seeking. A chance encounter in Medellín with a woman walking her dog led to a bit of an “awakening” and helped him connect the dots of my lifelong passion for nature and education.

When he got home, Lucas went down to part-time at the agency so that he could take an environmental science course at the University of Minnesota. He also started volunteering at the College of Biological Sciences Conservatory & Botanical Collections every week to build upon the volunteer experience he had in education and horticulture.

A mid-pandemic move across the country to Portland in the summer of 2020 led Lucas to start volunteering at WNC on the Fruit & Vegetable team, and the rest is history. Words cannot describe how excited he is to now be joining the team full-time as an apprentice and absorbing as much knowledge as he can this season.

When he’s not at the farm, Lucas is usually cooking and/or baking, playing games of all kinds, and trying to keep his passion for writing and film photography alive.

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